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Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth, Cubbington, Lillington, Whitnash, Bishops Tachbrook, Wellesbourne, Kineton, Harbury, Southam, Stratford upon Avon, Shipston on Stour, Coventry, Rugby, Solihull, and all surrounding areas!

Family Parties offer free delivery
within 10 miles of Leamington Spa.

* Further distances will be charged a small delivery fee.

* Distances are determined by Google Maps
using the postcode CV32 4XT as the start point.

Family Parties 07736308951

Silent Disco Hire in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire

Family Parties are able to provide your party or event with the leading Silent Disco equipment on the market.

Where you may have used (the same as) our equipment previously?
Our Silent Discos equipment is the exactly the same product and quality as that used at Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Bestival and Boardmasters, to name just some of the well known large Silent Discos you may have been to. We buy our equipment, brand new, direct from the manufacturer that supplies the companies, that provide to the above mentioned leading festivals. If you're a festival goer, you'll often stumble across 5,000 people in a muddy big top, in a field, using the exact same equipment as we use. If our equipment is capable of hosting a 5,000 person Silent Disco, it can definitely cope with your event.

What's a Silent Disco?
Silent Discos are all the rage and one of the most entertaining things you'll ever experience or witness.

  • Guests wear a pair of wireless headphones.
  • There can be up to three music sources playing at once. Possibly three DJ's, or simply three iPhones playing different music.
  • Participants select between music source one, two, or three via a switch on their headphones, to select the music they want to listen to.
  • If you're not wearing a set of headphones, you'll not hear any music, you'll just witness lots of people simultaneously dancing out of time with each other, and singing to different songs. It's a very amusing sight.
  • Headphones all have LEDs indicating who's listening to which music source. So all the headphones illuminated in Green are listening to one music source, while all the headphones illuminated in Red and listening to another music source.

What Events Do We Cater for...

  • Birthdays (Adults and Children's)
  • Weddings
  • School Discos
  • University Events
  • Club Nights
  • Music Festivals
  • Corporate Events and more...

What Music Sources can be Used?

You can quite literally use any device that will play music, as long as it has a headphone socket. You could have three of the worlds top DJ's performing on the best DJ equipment money can buy, to a crowd of 20 people, or you could use your children's iPods and stream music from your Spotify or iTunes account, to a crowd of 5,000 people. As long as your device plays music, and has a headphone socket, you can host a Silent Disco to as many people as you choose.

You can host...

One, two, or three channels. We supply three channels with all of our packages, but you can use less if you choose. Play Reggae music on channel one, Hip Hop on channel two, and Funk on channel three and watch the crazy dancing begin. Or play Ed Sheehan on channel one, Oasis on channel two, and Iron Maiden on channel three and enjoy hearing everyone trying to sing to different tracks at the same time.

  • Single Channel Silent Disco - everyone hears the same music.
  • Double Channel Silent Disco - guests choose between two channels via a switch on their headphones, each channel playing different music.
  • Triple Channel Silent Disco - guests choose between three channels via a switch on their headphones, each channel playing different music.

Technical Info...

Our Silent Disco Headphones...

  • are rechargeable and wireless LED headphones.
  • have a range of up to 100 metres in uninterrupted areas. The range can be affected by walls and structures etc.
  • have LEDs that illuminate to show what channel the listener has selected. See what your friends are listening to.
  • have a battery life up to 8 hours with the lights flashing, or up to 12 hours with the lights turned off.
  • have a power saving mode. The headphones will automatically switch off after 10 minutes of not receiving a transmission to save on battery life.
  • can receive from up to 3 different channels with the user able to select their chosen channel via a switch on the headphones.
  • have active noise reduction.
  • have Phase Lock Loop Technology.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us to discus your requirements, or if you know what you require, please feel free to book online.

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